The Cyber Resilience Review is an assessment to evaluate an organization’s operational resilience and cybersecurity practices. The review empowers your organization to develop an understanding of its ability to manage cyber risk during normal operations and times of operational stress and crisis.


The review is derived from various frameworks (CERT-RMM, NIST, CSF, ISO, PCI-DSS), and focused on a process improvement model that covers people, information, technology, and assets.

APAC Cyber leverages certified auditors who can review and accredit against standards, and we also have our own hybrid maturity framework that is aimed at improving maturity and security posture, leveraging years of cyber security experience.

Benefits and Outcomes

The reviews allow your organization to gain a better understanding of your cybersecurity posture. The review covers organisation, capabilities and technological aspects and is provided in the form of a final report

There are several different variations of the review allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs the best.

The Cyber Security Assessment is also complimented very well with our other services such as:

  • SOC Maturity Assessment
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  • OSINT Assessment (both a discovery report and a threat report)
  • Threat Assessment and Modelling

(Excerpts from our Cyber Security 101 Series, Contact Us today to know more)

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