“Only after several attacks do most small businesses realise just how vulnerable and exposed they were, and how valuable their data was. Digital Fortress now use 24/7 monitoring to ensure you are always online with our services and free to focus on your core business.”

About Digital Fortress

We are a team of cyber security professionals helping customers detect, respond and defend against the constantly evolving threats to data, network & business. Our team with its local and international reach, has valuable experience in preparing for attacks and responding to threats whenever it occurs, as well as formulating strategies to mitigate risk,  develop action plans &  manage crisis using the latest innovative technologies.

Above all, we leverage industry best practices aligned with your business goals and giving our customers long term value, security and safety.


These companies trust us with their business, You should too.

Why Choose Digital Fortress?

Expertise & Experience

With our knowledge and experience, rest assured your in good hands.

Innovative Technologies

Not just following industry standards, but continually developing to be always one step ahead of threats.


As a business owner, we understand your need to know.


Your Business is at the heart of Digital Fortress, your growth is our growth.

Our Commitment

“Our customers need to know their data is going to be secure. We built this company on trust, and our reputation is on the eline every day. Digital Fortress provides not just security, but safety.”